West Coast Living: Tikka Masala Mini Pizzas

If there’s one thing West-Coast-ers like, in addition to fish tacos, it’s putting a new spin on an old favorite. For instance: do you like ice cream? Do you like sandwiches? Well, there is a shop where you can buy a fully customizable ice cream sandwich. Or: do you like burritos? Do you like sushi? Good news! A place exists where you can treat yourself to a burrito-sized sushi roll, prepared in a Chipotle-style walk-up setting and served precisely like a burrito.

So, here’s the next bit of meal inspiration in our series on Fast and Easy Adventure-Night Meals, because on adventure days, everyone wants something hearty, festive, and VERY EASY for dinner. The concept for this Adventure-Night Meal came from one of our favorite local joints, Curry Up Now, which serves Indian street food dishes with questionable names. Below is a spin-off of what they call Naughty Naan, which, basically, is naan bread covered in tikka masala and cheese. (It would be worth flying to San Francisco for the sole purpose of trying their Sexy Fries, sweet potato waffle fries loaded with beef tikka, melted cheese, and crispy onions.) Like the fish tacos, this isn’t a recipe, it’s just meal inspiration. But sometimes that’s all you need: one good concept to help you pull together a fast and delicious meal.

-Naan flatbread, such as Stonefire, which I keep stocked in the freezer from Costco (pitas work in a pinch)
-Cheese (pizza cheese works great, but you can get fancy with it if you want)
-Tikka Masala (This is my all-time favorite recipe for legit homemade chicken tikka masala, and the leftovers are perfect for making pizzas. But sometimes I don’t have leftover tikka masala, so I cheat, bigtime: I stock Trader Joe’s Chicken Tikka Masala, which is a $3.99 microwave dinner complete with cumin basmati rice that tastes embarrassingly delicious. One package is enough to make pizzas for 2 people. I don’t even eat microwave dinners. But I can vouch for this one. It keeps me alive when Jordan is traveling.

-Arugula (optional)
-Roasted veggies (optional)

Arrange your naan on a baking sheet, and pile on the goods. Top with cheese and bake at 375 until nice and melty and browned. 

**P.S. I pay Trader Joe’s, not the other way around. No sneaky sponsorships here!

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