West Coast Living: Fish Tacos

The last eight months have been a crash course in West Coast culture (Best Coast culture, some would say), and I’ve got a mental running list of Stuff West Coast-ers Like. In case you were curious, my list begins: tri-tip steak, Toms, potlucks, pour-over coffee, dim sum, and bicycles. And fish tacos. A.K.A. the easiest weeknight meal idea in history. (Other than Indian take-out, which is also on the list.)

On weekdays that Sam and I go on big adventures, we need a snappy and easy dinner plan. Usually that means eating leftovers, pulling something out of the freezer, or, if we’re feeling particularly indulgent, grabbing take-out. But pretty often it means fish tacos. 

This is not a recipe, strictly speaking; it’s meal inspiration, so interpret as you will, with whatever you have on hand. If you’re making true Baja-style fish tacos, though, you MUST include the slaw and the creamy secret sauce. 

-Soft tortillas
-Fish (health repercussions aside, we usually keep a stash of Trader Joe’s fried fish nuggets in the freezer for times such as these)
-Slaw (I usually grab a cabbage or kale slaw blend ready to go in the salad section of the produce aisle)
our cream (Mexican or regular), Greek yogurt, or crème fraîche
-Avocado slices, mexican rice, and salsa (very optional)

Mix up the creamy secret sauce: 1 cup of the sour cream, a handful of chopped cilantro, and a few good squeezes of lime. Throw a few spoonfuls of the secret sauce into the slaw and mix, saving the rest for your tacos. Then cook up your fish.

Pile it all onto your tortillas, add a few extra squeezes of lime, and add any other bonus topping you want. Your taste buds will transport you directly to the California coast. And they will thank you. 

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