It’s a funny feeling to be somewhere in between Georgia and California. We’re not physically in between–I’m thankful that we’re not spending these transitional days driving west with a baby–but now that we’ve said goodbye to our home and most of our family and friends, it feels a bit like limbo, albeit a peaceful limbo. We moved out of our house over the weekend, and in two days we’ll be flying out to meet our moving truck and start unpacking mountains of boxes into our new home. After spending the last month orchestrating The Great House Swap and scribbling endless to-do lists, it’s a huge relief to have a few days to unwind and gather energy for the next leg of our journey. I’ve spent more than a few hours nestled in the corner of my sweet in-laws’ couch, re-reading East of Eden, with a mug of tea next to me and old LPs on the turntable. It’s been lovely. 

I thought I’d take a few of these quiet moments to share another look into my three-year decorating project. Today I’m documenting our guest room and bath. I never quite put the final touches on this space or hung pictures (one of my excuses being that I really hate to make holes in a freshly painted wall…oh, and I absolutely dread the process of hanging things), but here’s a peek at the parts I did finish. 

The main upgrade in this space was, of course, to paint. (Painting, I’m fairly certain, is the magic solution to 90% of all decorating dilemmas.) In the guest bath, I also swapped out a plain oval mirror with a pretty white one, which is actually a thrifted gold picture frame, spray painted and fitted with a $10 mirror from Lowe’s. The shower curtain was a lucky, mis-priced find on the sale rack at Anthro, as nearly all of my Anthro purchases have been.
I intend to get the new guest room in working order as soon as possible so that ALL of our East coast friends can come and stay with us. Take note, friends! And book those plane tickets.

Paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Worldly Gray (bedroom), Martha Stewart Chinchilla (bath) // Shower curtain, lamp shade, quilt: Anthro // side tables: Target // black and white pillow: Urban Outfitters // alarm clock, white vases: Ikea // black table lamp: Hobby Lobby // bath mat: World Market // metal bathroom shelving: TJ Maxx // galvanized tub: Ross // soap dispenser: Target // tree painting: done by my grandmother // everything else: thrifted

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