Finally, I can reveal a big secret that we’ve been sitting on…

We are moving to California!

At the end of September, we are going to load up our stuff, our kid, and our adventure pants and head west for a two-year stint near San Francisco. Jordan was asked to take on a short-term assignment to provide local support for one of his company’s major Silicon Valley customers. After a lot of deliberating, praying, and scheming, we agreed to go.
When the opportunity first presented itself last fall, our attitude was basically, “Sounds like a blast, but…”. We have a house and a home in Atlanta. We have family and dear friends and a church in Atlanta. Most of our connections and people are on the East coast. We have a baby. [Insert 100 other reasons here.]

But we didn’t feel right about discarding the opportunity altogether without consideration. It’s not usually a great idea to rule out something God is putting in front of you as an option (ie. “we would never do that”), regardless of whether it turns out to be the option you choose. So we left the idea on the table. Besides…it’s San Francisco. And it would only be a two year contract. We started talking and dreaming and Googling, very secretly, over dinners and coffees and long drives on Georgia highways. Slowly, we started to wrap our minds around what it would entail to pick up and move to California for two years.
We made a mental list of pros: Important career move for Jordan. A chance to live near my grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousin. The food (oh, baby, the food). The opportunity to experience a different community of believers and friends. Travel. Tartine Bakery

There are some definite cons, though, and they have given us pause. We’ve thought long and hard about the implications of moving away from our community, family, friends, and house. Ultimately, we’ve decided that, in this season, it’s important for us to make this move as a family of three. And as much as our Atlanta home will change in the time we are gone, we are glad to know that we can come right back when our mission is done.

Photo taken with my grandmother last year in Carmel. She's an adventure on two feet, and I'm looking forward to getting roped into her schemes more often. Oh, and eating her good cooking.
Photo taken with my grandmother last year in Carmel. She’s an adventure on two feet, and I’m looking forward to getting roped into her schemes more often. Oh, and eating her good cooking.

In terms of the craziness of traveling cross-country and up and down the West coast with a baby, I explained it to a friend this way: whether we travel or stay home, I’ll be wrangling Sam. I might as well be wrangling him in airports and cars and new places! I know it will be challenging, but I consider it a worthwhile challenge. And I’m truly excited to bring him on expeditions and introduce him to his surroundings…in Atlanta, San Francisco, and wherever else we end up.

This weekend, we will be flying out to California for a week, Sam in tow, to choose a locale, scope out a place to live, and get our bearings. I’m planning to bring plenty of ear plugs and candy bars of gratitude for our fellow travelers on the plane. The more Sam complains, the more candy I hand out. Sounds like a good plan, right? 😉

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