Welcome to The Curiosity Project! I’m Elise, and I’m a studio violinist and amateur mom currently living in San Francisco while my husband works on very technical things. I spend most of my days wandering around the country with my two kids (4 year old Sam + 1 year old Annie), hunting for scenic vistas and trying croissants from as many bakeries as we can. 

The Curiosity Project is the way I’m testing out my hunch that tiny kids can do cool stuff, you can do cool stuff with your tiny kids, and that full-time motherhood doesn’t have to relegate you to a playground bench for the rest of your life. Really, The Curiosity Project is just one big desire to cultivate curiosity, creativity, exploration, and love for learning in our daily lives. If that ignites the tiniest spark of excitement in you – whether or not you spend your days with little kids and/or love croissants – will you join us on this adventure?

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